In pursuit of happiness

Are you living your right life?

I love travel, but more than that, I love freedom. And freedom to me means the freedom to choose – for each of us to choose the life that’s right for us. Travel is hugely important for me, but it’s not for everyone – and even if you do want to travel, there are many many different ways of doing it. What is the right life for you?

My mission now is to encourage and support other people to identify and then live their right life – not the life that I choose; the life that you choose.

It saddens me to see so many people feeling stuck in their lives; putting their hopes, dreams and passions aside because they think achieving goals is something that only happens to ‘other people’. Well, you are someone else’s ‘other people’. It can happen to you.

Work with me and I will challenge your assumptions and beliefs, offer new ideas and possibilities and support you to start working towards them.

Next time you think “I wish I could _________” stop and ask yourself – “why don’t you?”.

Book a session with me today and pick my brains, challenge your assumptions and open yourself up to new opportunities – whether they involve travel or not. I will help you identify and then create and live the life that’s right for you.

“Ali understands that self doubt is one of the biggest killers of progress (or at least it was to me), and just having someone with her incredible levels of enthusiasm around is very inspiring. Spend enough time around her and she will convince you that, with enough hard work, anything is possible. My life was dull if I look back; I was stuck in a rut unable to change – Or so I thought. Ali helped me in so many ways, from suggesting little things, encouraging my crazy ideas, or even just listening. Now I do almost everything I want; I have ticked off more in the last year than I did in the previous ten. Sure it’s been hard work at times, it’s tested my belief in myself and I almost went back to that comfortable rut, but I had a great deal of help to nudge me back on the path I chose for myself. Just be warned, Ali’s lust for adventure is highly infectious!” ~ Nick S.